A Quick & Handy Leg Jig For The Holtzapffel Workbench

Yesterday and today, I have been fastening together, 2 x 4′s and 2 x 6′s. I used my Brad Nailer, to hold the 2 x 4′s in place, while I secured the 2 x 4′s to the 2 x 6′s, with deck screws.

The above fastened together assemblies were needed for my workshop addition. I’ll spare you the details of why they were needed. What I want to cover, is the quick and simple leg jig, that I used for fastening the wood members together, and which is shown in the photo below.

I grabbed a scrap piece of wood (22″ length of 2 x 6), and secured it to my Holtzapffel Workbench leg, using a holdfast. The leg being coplanar with the workbench top, is ideal for temporary leg jig setups, such as this.

Next, all that was required, was to clamp my wood member assembly to the scrap 2 x 6, now secured to the workbench leg, and complete the fastening of the wood member assembly, using deck screws. The deck screws, are shown in the photo above.

The ability to quickly put together jigs, such as this leg jig, is one of the reasons, I have enjoyed having the Holtzapffel Workbench, to use in my workshop.

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