2010 Longest Yard Sale Trip

The Longest Yard Sale, takes place over the 1st weekend (Thurs thru Sunday) of August, yearly.

Traveling north, the Longest Yard Sale starts in Gadsen, AL & goes up to Hudson, Michigan. More exact data on the actual route can be obtained at the following link:
The 127 Sale-The World’s Longest Yard Sale

The following are woodworking items that I bought while on the Longest Yard Sale:

  1. Froe
  2. Chalk Line
  3. #4 Handplane
  4. Craftsman Handplane
  5. Table saw Miter Gauge
  6. Crow Bar
  7. Anvil (made from an “I” beam)
  8. used & rusty Handplane blades
  9. 20″ diameter Circular Saw blade
  10. Hatchet
  11. Old Screwdriver
  12. Old Pair of Dividers
  13. Hammer

The photo above is of the Froe (handle missing) that I picked up in TN. A Froe is used for splitting wood along the grain. I believe I got the Froe for about $18.

Picked up this Chalk Line in Kentucky, for around $3.

Picked up this #4 Handplane in Kentucky for $5.

Picked up this all aluminum Craftsman Handplane in either TN or Kentucky, for I believe around $20.

Picked up this Table saw Miter Gauge in Kentucky for about $5.

Picked up the Crow Bar in AL for about $2. Granted a Crow Bar is not something that you are going to use often (hopefully), but if you need it, you’ll be glad you have it.

Picked up this Anvil (made from a section of “I” beam) in TN, for I believe about $10.

Picked up these rusty handplane blades in TN, for I believe around $10.

Picked up this 20″ diameter Circular Saw blade in TN, for I believe about $25. I bought it to hang on the exterior of my workshop.

Found this Hatchet in AL, & bought for around $15.

Bought this old Screwdriver in Kentucky & paid $10.

Found this old pair of Dividers in AL, paid $3.

Picked up this Hammer in I believe Tn, for $2.

As you can see, I love old woodworking tools.

Even though the Longest Yard Sale was in August 2010 & I did not start my Blog until Nov 2010, I still wanted to show some of the woodworking tools, I found on the Longest Yard Sale.

I & my wife have been on the Longest Yard Sale twice so far, we enjoyed both trips, & we both found treasurers. I was looking for woodworking tools, & my wife was looking for mainly Pottery & Glassware type items.

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