Review of Sawbench DVD by Chris Schwarz

Recently bought the Sawbench DVD by Chris Schwarz, and found it definitely worth buying.

Chris walks you thru the entire Sawbench building process, step-by-step. The following was addressed while building the Sawbench:

1) Addressed preparing the board surfaces & edges before assembly, and checking for
surface flatness with a combination square. Also addressed which surfaces were critical
& which surfaces were not critical, regarding surface preparation.

2) Handplanes were shown being used to prepare board surfaces.

3) Angles & notches were shown being cut with a hand saw. Chris went over what he
called, the three classes of cuts.

4) Chris showed a very effective method of cleaning up saw cuts, if they end up being
angled across the cut, using a chisel.

5) Chris discussed the advantages of using a knife to mark your cut lines, as opposed to a
sharp pencil.

6) I found the cleaning up of notched cuts made in board pieces, using a router plane, to
be very informative.

7) Chris showed the assembly of parts using glue and masonry nails.

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