Drain That Air Compressor

With the 1st Air Compressor I owned, I was bad about not draining it on a regular basis. As a result, when I would drain it, I found myself draining off rust colored water.

Eventually that 1st Air Compressor experienced an electrical failure.

My next and current Air Compressor is a Sears Model #919.167342 with a 33 gallon tank capacity. I have had this current Air Compressor for 4 years. Talking with the salesman at Sears, he recommended draining the Air Compressor daily & leaving the drain valve open. So I unplug the Air Compressor & drain it daily, and leave the drain valve open. Thinking is that if you leave the drain valve open, that this will eliminate moisture condensing inside your tank. Since the ambient air temperature will be the same on both the outside and inside of your tank.

1. Plug In Air Compressor at start of day
2. Let Air Compressor run for 15 to 30 seconds with the drain valve open
(I feel this helps to remove any moisture that might be in the Air
Compressor tank)
3. Close drain valve
4. Unplug Air Compressor at end of day

In summary, drain tank daily & leave drain valve open overnight.

Using the above procedure, I have had no problems with water accumulating in my Air Compressor tank. When draining the tank, I may get a few drops of water, but no more rust colored water. I know some do not believe in draining their tanks, and say it has not been an issue. I wonder if maybe they live in areas with low humidity. Here in Northwest Fla, the humidity level is high.

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