Review of “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest” by Chris Schwarz

Been a while now, since I finished reading “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest”. At first, I figured this was just a book on building a tool chest, so I was not especially interested in buying. But, the more I read about this book, the more I realized it covered much more than just building a tool chest.
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Converting A Stanley #78 In To A Chisel Plane

Topics Covered
1. How This All Started
2. Conversion Process
3. Chisel Plane Usage
4. Final Thoughts

How This All Started
I have two Stanley #78 Rabbet Planes. One has all its parts, but the other one is missing its depth stop and fence. That’s it, the one missing parts, in the Photo below.
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Bat to Mallet Conversion

Here’s the Breakdown
1. How this all started
2. Bat to Mallet conversion
3. Final Thoughts

How This All Started
Paul, a good friend of mine, asked if I wanted a broken wood bat. He just said that someone had thrown it away. So, I said sure. I find it hard to say no to an offer of free wood. You know how that goes, right.

Below is a Photo of the bat. My plan is to convert it to a mallet, as you already know.
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