Air Compressor Drain Valve Replacement

Standard operating procedure, the last thing I do, when shutting my shop down for the evening, is to drain the air compressor and leave the drain valve open. I have been told that leaving the drain valve open when the air compressor is not in use helps to limit moisture buildup inside the tank. So I leave the drain valve open when the air compressor is not in use.

The problem, this evening, when I went to drain my air compressor, I turned the knob to open the drain valve, but the knob just rotated but wouldn’t open the drain valve.
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Table Saw OutFeed Table Build

If you have wanted to build a folding outfeed table for your table saw, and you are looking for ideas. Then continue reading.

A folding outfeed table is something I have wanted to build for some time now.

And I finally got around to it. And here is what it looks like (Photo 1 & 2).  Nothing fancy, but believe me, it is very functional.
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Building of Drawers for Workbench

Topics Covered
Carcass Notes and Photos
Drawer Notes and Photos
Drawer Slide Notes and Photos
Photos of Drawers as Currently Being Used
In Closing

If you have no need for additional drawers in your shop, then you will probably not want to read any further.

But there are probably few, if any, woodworkers who don’t need or want more drawers for storing stuff.

And underneath your workbench top is an ideal place for drawers, and that is what this post will cover.
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Cornhole Box Build

Topics Covered
1. Reason for This Build
2. List of Materials
3. Cutting & Assembly of 2 x 4s
4. Fastening of Plywood Top
5. Cutting of Circular Hole
6. Cutting & Fastening of Legs
7. In Closing
8. Request

1. Reason for This Buil
Here’s how this build came about.

Mike, a friend of mine at work, asked if I could build him two cornhole boxes. I said sure, and he commissioned me to build him two cornhole boxes.

And I thought, you know Mike might like to see (or maybe not) what was involved in the building of his cornhole boxes. And also, I felt that there might be others who would be interested in seeing some of the particulars involved in building a cornhole box.
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Thumb Screw Change Out on a Grizzly Band Saw

The Situation
Don’t get me wrong. My Grizzly 17” band saw (model GO513ANV) has performed well and been a pleasure to use. However, I wish Grizzly had used socket screws instead of thumb screws (shown in Photo 1) for adjusting the blade guides.
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